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New 1.1.95 version is released!

7Cove Software specializes in designing and developing Windows shareware for personal use at low cost.
We are proudly offering the newest version of our very useful screen capture software: 7Cove DemoRec.

  • 7Cove DemoRec is an advanced screen capture and recording software that has been designed to be user-friendly and simple-to-use, but at the same time is very powerful.
  • DemoRec can capture anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, any windows on your screen, all movement of the mouse cursor, any selection a user makes in a menu, the pressing of buttons, the inputting of text or the display of (pop-up) messages, etc.
  • Probably one of the greatest uses for DemoRec is to capture streaming video in virtually any type of file format and from any web source.
  • You can use DemoRec to create demonstration videos for things such as: to demonstrate features of newly-designed software and/or for training new users on existing software. These types of demonstration videos can be easy to make and can be very effective as instructional tools, because they show the cursor movements, mouse clicks, menu inputting and other various real-life events that occur on a screen for someone using your product(s). An effective demonstration video can save the end-user (your customers) a lot of time and trouble and helps them become familiar with your software in the shortest time possible. A good demonstration video may also save you the headache of having a customer contact you to explain something that you could have demonstrated in a video prepared with DemoRec.
  • With DemoRec you can convert many video format (such as real media file) into standard AVI format movie file, with choices of video codecs with quality settings, etc.
  • Also DemoRec is very useful for recording video that comes from screens of your favorite computer games. You can let DemoRec run while you're playing a game, then when you're finished, save the video into an AVI file. You can then send "live moments" to your friends, showing them how you "Conquered the World" in your most challenging video games (Take a look at our samples).
  • Frames captured by DemoRec can be saved as a standard AVI video file (with synchronized WAV sound files if you want) or you can save the whole thing as a sequence of BMP files, with the sound in a separate file. Once you've finished the first step of recording your video, you can then experiment with various audio and video codecs (already installed on your computer) to see which codecs will be best for the second-and-final step, which is to export your video as either AVI (with synchronized sound), AVI with no sound or as a WAV file by itself with no video.
To download latest version of 7Cove DemoRec click here.